New Projects for 2009 with News Statistics and Analysis

Monday, February 23, 2009

In January we re-launched an old website of ours into our big new project for 2009 and beyond.  Something we're very excited about and something I've been working on very hard over the past few months.  The new site is based on some concepts of the new and expanding semantic web.  Where more and more content is being put on the web in machine readable (rather than human readable) formats.  This means that higher levels of analysis and content interconnections can be discovered by content reading software looking for those connections. 

We love the news, especially international and world news, so we decided to launch a site which would try to give a little more insight into what the world is thinking and talking about.  So we have launched a site dedicated to world news and statistics.  Head on over and have a look at it.  Of particular interest may be The Top 50 Most Talked About People.