Google Chrome - it really is a better browser

Monday, October 20, 2008
I have to admit, when I heard Google was going to enter the "browser wars" with their new browser Chrome I, like many thousands of other web developers I'm sure, groaned, "Not another browser I have to test my code in."  

So off I went to download it (get it here) and install it.  I read an article on Nettuts which explained some new things they had in mind and looked a bit at Google's site to get a feel for what they thought would be the big differences.  First off, I took one look at it and had to admit, they followed right along my own development lines and tried to keep the interface as simple and clean as possible. Doing away with the title bar merging the address and search fields.  Even more interestingly, they got rid of the status bar altogether.  Well, I didn't think I'd ever switch browsers, I've been with IE for a long time, and even though I often have to use the much better development tools in Firefox I still never switched over (the Firefox interface doesn't apeal to me) for personal browsing.  

That may just change however, Chrome is sleek, and simple and maximizes my screen space.  Maybe its just me, but it seems a lot faster as well.  Anyway, I'm going to try something different for a while, and I have to hand it to Google on this one... great job.  You even inspired me to write my first blog post in a couple of months! 

I've attached a screenshot of me writing this post in Lara our CMS.  BTW if you need a website with a great, light-weight CMS (that works on Google Chrome) try Lara at