Travelling again...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Well after two years in The Gambia I have left.  Melanie and I have started travelling from The Gambia across west africa. A trip we have had planned for quite a long time.  When I was back in North America last summer we were beginning preparations and now we have commenced the journey by car in our white van.  Now we find ourselves 3 weeks in and already three countries deep. 

Mela is updating her website a lot more than I am, but unfortunately you will find much of it is in German... not much good for most of my friends. 

I'll try to write more but am using most of my computer time on work related items.  Currently we are in Dabola, Guinea a funny little town with a dam nearby.  So though it is surrounded by darkness this village has near constant electicity and even a decent satelite feed for internet complements of the French government and CCF.  It makes it a nice place to relax a few days and reconnect.